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    Professional Fiduciary, licensed and qualified to perform conservatorship, guardianship and trustee functions



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      Stephen Holwell has achieved success and respect in managing trustee functions and liquidating trusts quickly and effectively, while maintaining complete compliance with the law. Stephen has enjoyed the full trust and confidence of trustors, conservatees and beneficiaries based on his extensive experience in managing financials. His diplomacy and his innate understanding and respect is always in the best interest of his clients. What distinguishes Stephen Holwell is his personal service to each and every client. His approach is one of true partnership and Stephen believes that his motivation to help people is his greatest asset.

      Stephen has managed multi-million dollar charitable trusts, completing final distributions quickly and cleanly. He has managed short and long-term medical care, living arrangements, and investments, working with various financial and legal partners.

      Prior to becoming a licensed professional Fiduciary, Stephen served 17 years in the U.S. Department of Justice – Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms – as a Forensic Accountant, where he conducted financial examinations on both individuals and corporations to determine financial health, based on profitability, earnings, and solvency factors. He also worked for the Internal Revenue Service where he performed exams for the Congressional Joint Committee of Taxation. His findings were subsequently used to inform and formulate tax laws.

      Stephen has served over 35 times as an expert witness of accounting and money laundering for the State of California Superior Court and the United States Federal Court.

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